We are passionate about storytelling because we’ve seen first-hand the impact it can have on the audience.

Story driven reports and presentations result in highly engaged audiences who get the message and retell the story throughout the organisation to drive action and change.


Since 2012 we have:

  • Delivered hundreds of storytelling training workshops
  • Coached thousands of individuals to improve their storytelling deliverables
  • Delivered keynote speeches and chaired storytelling sessions at many industry events
  • Facilitated live story build sessions with clients and agency partners to develop specific stories
  • Developed an online learning platform to deliver on-demand tutorials and best practice case studies


To find out more about our storytelling work and the impact it has, please watch this short video.


Insight Narrator VIdeo


“Caroline conducted a Storytelling training course that has totally changed the way in which my team now write our client presentations. It was a very informative and practical training session that made it really easy to apply the techniques to everyday life. So good in fact, that we're looking to run it again with more people in the company!”
Executive, Future Thinking